IMMEXLS The International Medical Marketplace and Expo with Lifesciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging & Laboratory

Fall, October 23-24 2018


Spring, March 19-21 2019

Miami, Florida the Gateway to Latin America & The Caribbean

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Fall, October 23-24, 2018


Spring, March 19-21, 2019

Miami, Florida the Gateway to Latin America & The Caribbean

Exhibit categories include Medical and Dental Equipment (New & Used), Lifesciences, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Biotechnology, Laboratory, Hi-Tech plus much more.

Ian & Melissa Howard

IMMEXLS IMMEXLS is unlike any other Medical Expo. How? Exclusive!  Different Location, Exhibitors, Attendees, than any other Expo….. in Miami, the Gateway to Latin America & the Caribbean. You can Network…Learn….Write Deals….Spend a lot of time with Buyers/Exhibitors…..Reconnect with Existing Clients…..Have 2nd meetings with Potential Clients you met elsewhere. Reserve your space early…as space is limited and only open to those companies who know when to jump in on a new and exciting opportunity.

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We are Different from any other Expo

Here is what makes us different from any other show.

Welcome to IMMEXLS,

If you are familiar with the trade show, FIME, then some of you might know me. I was the FOUNDER and CO-PRODUCER of FIME for its first 10 years. I’m pleased to bring you a very Exclusive Trade Show…….IMMEXLS. Only aggressive and forward-thinking companies will be able to exhibit with us and reach a global audience, especially from Latin America & the Caribbean. IMMEXLS, the International Medical Marketplace and Expo with Lifesciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging & Laboratory will cover the Life Sciences, detailing any of several branches of bioscience, such as microbiology, zoology, botany, or ecology, that deal with living organisms and their organization, life processes, and relationships to each other and their environment. All of our Exhibitors, from Medical Equipment, devices, Dental, Pharmaceuticals/Ingredients, Hi-Tech, plus much, much more will be able to spend appreciable time with each power buyer who will be looking for solutions at the Expo.

We at IMMEXLS have been producing International Trade Shows throughout the United States, and in Miami for Latin America, the Caribbean, and the world since 1987.
Our Expertise is in attracting the Buyers to our shows who want to meet our Exhibitors.
Everyone exhibiting or attending IMMEXLS has my sincerest commitment to receive the utmost in customer service from both myself and my staff. Welcome to the Expo.
Sincerely, Ian “Dan” Howard

IMMEXLS Articles, News & Updates

What Pharmacogenomics Might Not Tell You

This is common to observe that some medication works perfectly for some patients, however, they might not work the same way for others. To be worst, it may even cause the patient to suffer from severe side effects instead of recovery. All of these variable reactions...

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What You Need To Know About Laboratory Centrifuge

Among the many types of appratuses used in the laboratory, the most common and frequently used is the Centrifuge. A centrifuge is a device which helps in the separation of various fluids, liquids or gases, depending on their density. The separation of fluids is...

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What You Need to Know About Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is one of the advanced branches of medicine. Nuclear medicine involves the administration of some radioactive substances into the patient’s body. These substances are administered to diagnose and to treat the condition later on. The radioactive...

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Kardiaband – EKG Is Now At Your Fingertips

The increasing use of advanced technology in the medical industry is giving rise to numerous high-tech medical gadgets. For instance, AliveCor designed a smartphone-connecting device called KardiaBand. The device has the technology to record a single-lead – EKG/ECG....

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Four Benefits of Using Blister Card Medical Packaging

The regulations regarding medical packaging are changing all over the world, and a lot of new expectations are likely to impact the packaging industry. The new and modern techniques of medical packaging depend on multiple factors. These factors may include user...

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The Subcutaneous ICD – Advantages & Limitations

The Subcutaneous ICD – Advantages & Limitations Cardiology is a field that has progressed at a rapid pace. Over the years, there have been several innovative techniques to detect abnormality in the functions of heart even before the symptoms occur. The...

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IMMEXLS  International Medical Marketplace & Expo

IMMEXLS The International Medical Marketplace and Expo with Lifesciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging & Laboratory

 James L. Knight Center  400 SE 2nd Ave  Miami, Fl. 33131