Consumer Genomics – The Future of Health Care

Genomics is a branch of biotechnology that deals with the application of genetics techniques and molecular biology to acquire genetic mapping or DNA sequencing of either a set of genes or the whole genomes of particular organisms. It further involves organizing the results in the form of a database.

The industry of consumer genomics has evolved immensely in the past few years due to advancements in the methods of DNA collection. People are becoming more aware of genetic mapping and its uses. They can now learn about the secrets of genetic blueprints with increased speed, accuracy and ease. This means that the industry can now look for opportunities to use this information and facility to provide profitable consumer-oriented services.

Great advancements are being made based on leading edge technology. The growth in the field of genomics is rapidly happening all around us. Areas from medicine, healthcare, personal fitness and other domains are being explored in the light of the advanced techniques of genetic mappings.

What it means for Medicine

It is a well-known fact that each individual’s genome is unique. There may be similarities between the two set of genomes, but ultimately each person is different, meaning their health too is unique to them. This concept is already under investigation by the professionals and genetically resilient people are being studied. Researchers hope to study the variations in how people fight fatal diseases at the genetic level and imitate this information into future generations of treatments involving drug and medicine.

With personal genomics, it will be possible to sequence the DNA of every single person and then use that information to efficiently optimize their well-being and health. For instance, it can inform a person with certainty if they are susceptible to diseases like cancer. This will allow the treatment and preventive measures to begin well in advance. This route of dealing with medical conditions appears more appealing when the factors such as increasing accuracy of DNA sequencing and dropping prices are considered.

Personal genomics for physical fitness

The domain of health care is increasingly benefitting from the advancements in personal genomics. Even an individual’s physical fitness can be optimized through it. There are companies that offer services to analyze an individual’s DNA for specific genetic markers that regulate the body’s reaction to different exercises. To avail the service, you will need to pay the fee and undergo a cheek swab.

By assessing and understanding the genetic markers possessed by a certain individual, that person will finally be able to optimize their workouts to take full advantage of the body. In fact, the possibilities of using this information are wide. Physical conditions that require heavy medication to heal can be avoided by designing a personalized workout routine. This can significantly improve health, reduce any risk of injury and deliver successful results in a timely manner.

This advanced technology of DNA sequencing is still waiting to penetrate into the masses, but the benefits are already evident. The future of healthcare has started to arrive and it certainly looks bright and promising.