IMMEXLS Exhibitor Application


  1. Please complete the entire Exhibit Space Contract.
  2. Make a copy of all pages of the Exhibit Space Contract for your records.
  3. Scan and email to or mail to our executive offices.

Executive Offices: 1869 Porter Lake Dr. Sarasota, Fl. 34240 USA Phone (941)320-3216

James L. Knight Center, Miami, Florida, USA Oct. 23-24, 2018 & Mar. 19-21, 2019

We do hereby make application to lease the below exhibit space and understand that this application is pursuant and subject to the terms and conditions governing exhibitors, as shown on this side and the reverse side hereof. Display space choices are not guaranteed; however, best efforts will be used to accommodate your choices. We understand that there are no refunds or cancellations. IMMEXLS, LLC. will be referred to as IMMEXLS in this document

  • This document, when signed by Exhibitor and accepted by IMMEXLS, constitutes a binding legal agreement. By signing this agreement, the Exhibitor agrees that they have received, read and agreed to the attached Exhibit Rules and Regulations, incorporated in their entirety herein and expressly made a part of this agreement. This Exhibit Space Application and Contract and the included IMMEXLS Exhibit Rules and Regulations constitute the entire agreement between the parties and cannot be modified except by express written agreement signed by IMMEXLS.
  • Name (if different than above)
  • All of the proceeding services are the exhibitor’s responsibility including payment for these services with the individual contractors providing these special requirements.
  • We understand and agree to the following payment schedule on a Non-Refundable basis.
  • 5% off the total due for booking both events at the same time and paying deposits for both shows at the same time.
  • Payment schedule: A deposit of one-half of the required booth cost must accompany this application. The balance of the rental is due by 8/23/18 for the Oct. 2018 IMMEXLS and 1/19/19 for the Mar. 2019 IMMEXLS.
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  • It is agreed that all terms and conditions of this contract are part thereof and no agreement other than those contained therein shall be binding upon the parties, unless in writing, signed by an official of IMMEXLS, LLC. IMMEXLS will only accept checks drawn on U.S. banks if paying by check. All payments should be paid with a Credit Card but company checks will be accepted. If sending a check, send to our executive offices at 16315 Clearlake Ave, Lakewood Ranch, Fl. 34202 USA. IMMEXLS will not be responsible for any costs of collection or exchange. It is expressly understood that nothing herein shall confer any rights or duties upon exhibitor with respect to subsequent exhibitions held under the name IMMEXLS. No exhibitor will be permitted to exhibit unless their account with IMMEXLS is current and paid in full with good funds. This application will become a contract when it is filled out by the exhibitor and the exhibit space is paid with at least a 50% deposit of the contract price as specified before. There will be no refunds or cancellations at any time.
  • EXHIBIT TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Schedule: At a later date, IMMEXLS will furnish Exhibitor with an official Exhibitor manual either on it’s web site or by email. The manual will detail such items as, but not limited to, move in/out schedules, contractor services, Department regulations. Exhibitor shall strictly observe this official Exhibition manual in all respects. 2. Use of assigned space: It is expressly agreed that exhibit space is assigned under this Contract subject to the following terms and conditions: A. All exhibits in IMMEXLS shall be officially housed in the James L. Knight Center. B. All exhibit space assigned under this Contract is for the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE UNDERSIGNED EXHIBITOR. Exhibitor shall not reassign, sublease or share his assigned space with any other person. Exhibit space is assigned on the expressed understanding that it is to be used solely for the display of the Exhibitor’s products and/or services that the Exhibitor holds out for sale. Use of the assigned space for the display of products other than the Exhibitor is a violation of this contract. C. Exhibitor shall display his products and/or services only in the exhibit space assigned by IMMEXLS. Exhibitor is expressly prohibited from displaying his/her products in any space (including aisle space) not assigned by IMMEXLS. D. IMMEXLS has an absolute right to require Exhibitor to change, alter, modify, or remove any or all parts of Exhibitor’s display, including but not limited to signs, cards, or other material, stands, display cases, or other physical structures, and any items being displayed by Exhibitor, which IMMEXLS in its sole discretion deems unsuitable for its Event. E. For the purposes of this paragraph, “person” means any natural person or any corporation, partnership, foreign or domestic business entity. 3. Special Services: Security is supplied by the IMMEXLS. If the exhibitor requires extra security, that exhibitor may hire their own security, provided they get written permission from IMMEXLS, the James L. Knight Center and the City of Miami. Unless otherwise provided elsewhere in this Contract or by IMMEXLS. Exhibitor must obtain all labor, wiring, lighting, decorations and other supplies and equipment by their own means, or you can hire the official Expo decorator and/or electrician. All charges for such services are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor. The charges shall not be billed through IMMEXLS nor shall IMMEXLS assume any responsibility for them under any circumstances. Upon receipt of Exhibitor’s written request, on forms provided by IMMEXLS no later than 30 days before the official opening of the exposition, IMMEXLS will provide exhibitor with: one (1) standard 7” x 44” booth sign bearing Exhibitor’s company name, state, and booth number; or If exhibitor uses a prefab display, IMMEXLS will provide, upon request, an 8” sign indicating only the booth numbers. IMMEXLS will include Exhibitor’s name and booth number in its Official Directory of the Exposition to be included in the Directory prior to publisher’s deadlines of which IMMEXLS will advise Exhibitor. Exhibitor shall provide additional information on forms supplied which IMMEXLS will include in the Official Directory at its discretion. IMMEXLS will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the Official Directory. Unless otherwise provided elsewhere in this Contract or by IMMEXLS, Exhibitor must obtain all labor, wiring, lighting, decorations and other supplies and equipment through the Contractor designated by IMMEXLS or through the James L. Knight Center. All charges for such services are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. The charges shall not be billed through IMMEXLS nor shall IMMEXLS assume any responsibility for them under any circumstances. 4. Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits: Installation may start at 8:00am on Oct. 22, 2018 or Mar. 18, 2019 depending on which Expo the exhibitor is displaying. All exhibits must be completed no later than 5:00pm that same day, Oct. 22, 2018 or Mar. 18, 2019. Dismantling of the exhibitor’s display will not begin before Wed., Oct. 24, 2018 and must finish that day by 11pm, or Thur. Mar. 21, 2019 at 1pm and must be finished by 8pm that day. Exhibitor further agrees to have vacated the James L. Knight Center by no later than the previous listed move out time. Exhibitor agrees to enter and exit the designated areas for exhibitor entrance and exit of the James L. Knight Center. This area will be given to you at a later date in the Exhibitor’s Manual. 5. Liability for Loss, Theft, Property Damage or Destruction And Personal Injury: A. Exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims against the IMMEXLS or the James L. Knight Center resulting from loss, theft, damage, or destruction of its property, or from personal injuries to it, its agents, or employees. B. Exhibitor assumes full and complete responsibility for any damage or destruction of property of others, or from Exhibitor’s participation in IMMEXLS at the James L. Knight Center for any date Exhibitor is present as an Exhibitor. Exhibitor hereby waives any right of indemnification which it may have against IMMEXLS, the James L. Knight Center, where the Expo occurs for any and all claims arising from exhibiting at IMMEXLS. It is expressly acknowledged that IMMEXLS has not purchased insurance of any kind for the benefit of Exhibitor, nor is it under any obligation whatsoever to do so. 6. Strikes and Labor Disputes: A. Exhibitor shall obey all applicable union labor requirements prevailing in Miami, Fla. at the time IMMEXLS is held. B. Exhibitor shall take steps deemed necessary to IMMEXLS to avert or mitigate a strike or other labor disputes. 7. Exhibitor’s Responsibility for Additional Charges: The following charges are the sole and direct responsibility of Exhibitor: IMMEXLS shall incur no responsibility or liability with respect to them: A. Any expense incurred by Exhibitor as a result of any partial or total evacuation of any of the James L. Knight Center where IMMEXLS is held, which is beyond the control of IMMEXLS. Exhibitor shall remain liable for the full contract price in the event of such evacuation. B. Any expenses incurred by Exhibitor in order to comply with any federal, state or local government regulations. C. Any expenses incurred by Exhibitor in order to comply with any regulation imposed by the James L. Knight Center all while IMMEXLS is taking place. D. Any expenses incurred by Exhibitor due to a strike or labor dispute beyond the control of IMMEXLS. 8. Change of Time or Place: IMMEXLS shall have the right to change the location, date and the time of IMMEXLS provided that it shall give Exhibitor immediate mailed notice of such change. 9. Cancellation: Upon acceptance by IMMEXLS, this Contract is binding and may not be canceled by either party, except under any of the following circumstances: A. IMMEXLS has the absolute right to cancel the Contract if Exhibitor fails at any time to comply with any of the terms, provisions or conditions of this Contract. Such cancellation shall be without liability on the part of IMMEXLS. B. IMMEXLS has the absolute right to cancel the Contract in the event that the performance is rendered impossible by any circumstances beyond the control of IMMEXLS, including, but not limited to acts of God, government, or public enemy, strikes or other labor disputes; failure of the James L. Knight Center to provide space. Such cancellation shall be without liability on the part of IMMEXLS provided that IMMEXLS shall refund Exhibitor thirty (30)% of the Total Contract price as specified on the front of this Contract if said Contract price has been paid in full. Zero (0)% of the deposit paid upon execution of this contract if the full Contract price has not been paid at the time this clause shall become effective. 10. Exhibitor’s Responsibility for Expenses and Attorney’s Fees: Exhibitor shall be liable to IMMEXLS for any and all expenses incurred by IMMEXLS including attorney’s fees, in exercising and/or enforcing any of its rights under this Contract, or incurred by IMMEXLS as a result of Exhibitor’s violation or failure to comply with all the terms of this Contract. 11. Rules and Regulations: IMMEXLS reserves the right to adopt any rules or regulations which it may deem necessary in order to facilitate the smooth and effective operation of IMMEXLS. Exhibitor hereby agrees to abide by any such rules or regulations, as if they were fully set forth herein. The rules and regulations will be furnished to the Exhibitor upon his request. 12. Space Assignment: IMMEXLS shall in all respects have the right to assign such space in IMMEXLS as IMMEXLS deems appropriate, any claims for priority and or seniority by Exhibitor not with standing. Exhibitor shall have no right to any space unless and until a Contract for Exhibit space has been duly executed by IMMEXLS and all Exhibitor’s financial and other obligations under this Contract have been complied with. 13. This agreement shall be subject to and subordinate to the Lease and rules and regulations between the James L. Knight Center and IMMEXLS, for the period of IMMEXLS. The term “Exhibitor” shall refer to the party contracting hereunder for said display. 14. IMMEXLS reserves the right to restrict or refuse or expel at any time exhibits which in its judgment may detract from the general character of IMMEXLS. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matters, or anything of a character which might be objectionable or detrimental to IMMEXLS as a whole, the opinion of IMMEXLS being final in this matter. IMMEXLS reserves the right to alter locations of Exhibitors or their displays, if deemed advisable, in the best interest of IMMEXLS or if the James L. Knight Center so desires. IMMEXLS reserves the right to fill space vacancies occurring for the reason of non-arrival or late arrival of the Exhibitor. IMMEXLS has final say on what is late. DON’T COME AFTER 10AM ON the start of the show(s) TO SET UP. AFTER 10AM YOU ARE LATE! 15. Exhibitor agrees that the venue of any litigation proceedings shall be in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in Sarasota County, Florida. 16. Headings: The captions/ headings in this Contract are for reference only. They have no effect on the content of any of the terms of this Contract. 17. This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and for all purposes shall be deemed to have been executed under and subject to and constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. No subleasing or sharing of an exhibit space with anyone other than a person from your own company. Rules & Regulations: 1.The promoter is responsible for providing space. 2. There are to be no hand-written signs. Posted signs shall be allowed only at the exhibit areas within your booth. Signs may NOT be attached to any structure in the James L. Knight Center. Nails, screws, hooks or thumbtacks are specifically not allowed on any center surface. 3. Common Area Fixtures. James L. Knight Center property such as trash containers, benches, sign holders, carts or plants are not to be used or moved without Center Management approval. 4. Advertising and Solicitation: The following items are prohibited at displays: flashing lights, heat-producing equipment, open flames, flammable liquids, loud noises, loudspeakers, sound systems (you can have them but they must be kept at a low volume), odors, radios, televisions (you can have them but they must remain on low volume). Carnival type “barking” or any similar forms of soliciting or badgering of trade buyers is not permitted. Any item or activity that could prove a hazard or an annoyance to other exhibitor or trade buyer must be removed immediately. Helium tanks are not permitted. 5. The James L. Knight Center and Show Management are not responsible for merchandise left unattended by the vendors during the show and/or after the James L. Knight Center closes or opens. Should a vendor request additional security, other than that supplied by the James L. Knight Center and IMMEXLS the individual exhibitor will be responsible for hiring and paying for security officers, subject to the James L. Knight Center Security Director’s approval and the approval of IMMEXLS and/or the City of Miami. 6. Exhibitor Placement: No exhibits shall obstruct walkways, directories or signs. No person shall block, obstruct or interfere with the free flow of pedestrian traffic. 7. Carts: Handcarts, dollies and flatbeds are not supplied by the James L. Knight Center. If these items are brought into the James L. Knight Center, they must be equipped with pneumatic rubber wheels and can be used only during non-operating hours of the Expo. 8. Electric: Electricity is not a part of the exhibit package. If the exhibitor requires electricity, it must be acquired through the official show electrician. Information on electric will be made in the exhibitor’s manual at a later date. Exposed, loose, or taped cords are not allowed. No household extension cords will be permitted. 11. Parking: Self-contained campers will not be allowed to remain on the James L. Knight Center lot overnight. 12. Trash: Under no circumstances shall boxes, packing materials or other waste be left in the James L. Knight Center common area. You must make arrangements to take your own waste out, or dispose of it in the James L. Knight Center’s receptacles or make arrangements with one of the Show Contractors. VEHICLES-Vehicles displayed at the James L. Knight Center must comply with all local fire regulations, requiring less than one gallon of gas in tanks, gas tanks taped shut and battery cables disconnected. A drip pan must be placed under each vehicle and carpet pads must be placed under each tire. An extra set of keys must be left with Security. Exhibitor employees must clean the car daily before 10 a.m. Please note that Management has the right to remove any and all vehicles at any time.
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