The increasing use of advanced technology in the medical industry is giving rise to numerous high-tech medical gadgets.

For instance, AliveCor designed a smartphone-connecting device called KardiaBand. The device has the technology to record a single-lead – EKG/ECG. This smart device is not just another novelty innovation but it is now FDA-approved Class 2 device.

The Device

KardiaBand is the first of its kind, wearable EKG that replaces the Apple Watchband and provide easy access to a half minute (30 seconds) EKG, anywhere anytime.

With this latest medical gadget you can get;

  • Instant and accurate analysis for the detection of normal sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation (AF) in the EKG. All you need to do is to place your thumb on the sensor integrated into KardiaBand and in just half a minute, you get a medical-grade EKG.


  • Unlimited storage and history of your detected EKG recordings, a summary report of EKG (monthly based) that you can get with your physician. With that, you also get the chance to monitor your blood pressure, weight, and activity


  • The feasibility of SmartRhythm monitoring, that smartly provides your heart rate evaluation and physical activity. When SmartRhythm detects anything unexpected, it simply notifies the user to get an EKG.

The Apps

Whenever you need to get an ECG recording, simply open the app (for iOS Apple Watch) and tap on ‘Record EKG’ button. As you place your arm on a smooth and stable surface and place your thumb on the sensor, KardiaBand will start recording your EKG.

KardiaBand records your ECG all across the heart and for this, it uses two electrodes. The first electrode, is in contact with the wrist and as you place the thumb on the sensor, the electric circuit completes. Moreover, during the recording of your ECG, you may include your symptoms, as you feel them, through voice recording.

Once the recording process is completed, the recordings are sent to your iOS app automatically. The voice recordings are also transcribed automatically by using the technology of voice transcription.

The Likes and Dislikes

Following are the features that are most liked or somewhat disliked as per the reviews.


  • To use this device you don’t need to set up or pair it first, unlike other gadgets. However, you may start using it immediately and as you take it out of the box
  • The device is efficient, discreet, small and comfortable to use as well as to wear
  • The medical gadget is a fully-featured and well-designed smartphone app and Apple Watch


  • To use some of the features, you might need to avail the premium subscription
  • The device is not compatible with Android
  • The battery life of Apple Watch is reduced due to the feature of SmartRhythm Monitoring. This prevents the use of Activity app.

Conclusively, KardiaBand is a great medical device. It is one of the most impressive examples of technology-incorporated medical devices. It is the most hi-tech device in the medical industry that works seamlessly, quickly and accurately.