When it’s about the growth of smart wearables, there have been numerous innovative medical devices introduced to the consumer market recently. This growth results from the increasing demand for various specialized health-assistive technologies.
However, wearable technology is no longer limited to witness bands, smart watches or AR/VR headsets. In fact, the technology has now advanced to cater specific medical requirements. Now, it is more about assisting patients with various diseases in meeting their individual medical needs. Nonetheless, among all the advanced wearable technologies, one of the highly anticipated medical devices is the FDA-approved Smart Contact Lens.

What is ‘Smart’ Contact Lens?

Well, this is a new medical device that helps in measuring the body’s glucose level. The famous Google X recently teamed up with the pharmaceutical giant Novartis. They aimed at building a revolutionary medical device. The device will measure the body’s glucose level in diabetic patients. In addition to glucose level, the smart contact lens will also assist people having different eye problems.
The Smart Contact Lens is just like an ordinary contact lens. However, it is equipped with a sensor that helps in the tracking of the blood sugar level. The procedure is non-invasive. It works by measuring the sugar level through the user’s tears and also assists in correcting the vision in a more innovative manner.

How does Smart Contact Lens Work?

The lens comes with an ultra slim and tiny microchip. The chip is embedded in the thin concave side of the lens. The chip uses its tiny antenna and sends out data regarding the blood sugar level of the patient, measuring it through the tears. However, the data is sent to the user’s paired smartphone using the installed software.

Previously, the developers considered including LED lighting to the lens. This LED lighting would warn users as soon as their blood sugar level drops below a set threshold. However, the idea was abandoned later on, considering the dangers of LED’s arsenic composition.

The smart contact lens is being developed keeping in mind an easy and a lot more comprehensive solution to monitor glucose levels. It is, so far, the most convenient way to measure the body’s sugar level in comparison to existing techniques such as blood drawing from the patients’ fingers.

The technological medical device is expected to have the potential that would significantly lower the cost attached to the management of various chronic diseases. These comprehensive medical solutions will also encourage patients to get more involved in the proper management of their health.

The Future of Smart Contact Lens

According to the investigation of STAT earlier, this medical device has been rejected by many experts and researchers of Google and Novartis. The main reason for its dismissal was its incapability or technical infeasibility to accurately measure the glucose level.

However, taking advantage of this feasibility argument, many other companies are now developing their own, similar medical devices. While the dates for the trial of the smart contact lens have not been finalized, the project is still moving forward. This indicates that soon diabetic patients will be using an easy and a needle-free technique to measure their glucose level.