Refunds & Cancellation

IMMEXLS The International Medical Marketplace & Expo with Lifesciences and Pharmaceuticals/Packaging

No Refunds or Cancellations will be accepted.

Cancellation: Upon acceptance by IMMEXLS, this Contract is binding and may not be canceled by either party, except under any of the following circumstances: A. IMMEXLS has the absolute right to cancel the Contract if Exhibitor fails at any time to comply with any of the terms, provisions or conditions of this Contract. Such cancellation shall be without liability on the part of IMMEXLS. B. IMMEXLS has the absolute right to cancel the Contract in the event that the performance is rendered impossible by any circumstances beyond the control of IMMEXLS, including, but not limited to acts of God, government, or public enemy, strikes or other labor disputes; failure of the James L. Knight Center to provide space. Such cancellation shall be without liability on the part of IMMEXLS provided that IMMEXLS shall refund Exhibitor thirty (30)% of the Total Contract price as specified on the front of this Contract if said Contract price has been paid in full. Zero (0)% of the deposit paid upon execution of this contract if the full Contract price has not been paid at the time this clause shall become effective.
Exhibitor’s Responsibility for Expenses and Attorney’s Fees: Exhibitor shall be liable to IMMEXLS for any and all expenses incurred by IMMEXLS including attorney’s fees, in exercising and/or enforcing any of its rights under this Contract, or incurred by IMMEXLS as a result of Exhibitor’s violation or failure to comply with all the terms of this Contract.
Rules and Regulations: IMMEXLS reserves the right to adopt any rules or regulations which it may deem necessary in order to facilitate the smooth and effective operation of IMMEXLS. Exhibitor hereby agrees to abide by any such rules or regulations, as if they were fully set forth herein. The rules and regulations will be furnished to the Exhibitor upon his request.
Space Assignment: IMMEXLS shall in all respects have the right to assign such space in IMMEXLS as IMMEXLS deems appropriate, any claims for priority and or seniority by Exhibitor not withstanding. Exhibitor shall have no right to any space unless and until a Contract for Exhibit space has been duly executed by IMMEXLS and all Exhibitor’s financial and other obligations under this Contract have been complied with.
This agreement shall be subject to and subordinate to the Lease and rules and regulations between the James L. Knight Center and IMMEXLS, for the period of IMMEXLS. The term “Exhibitor” shall refer to the party contracting hereunder for said display.
IMMEXLS, IMMEXLS reserves the right to restrict or refuse or expel at any time exhibits which in its judgment may detract from the general character of IMMEXLS. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matters, or anything of a character which might be objectionable or detrimental to IMMEXLS as a whole, the opinion of IMMEXLS being final in this matter. IMMEXLS reserves the right to alter locations of Exhibitors or their displays, if deemed advisable, in the best interest of IMMEXLS or if the James L. Knight Center so desires. IMMEXLS reserves the right to fill space vacancies occurring for the reason of non-arrival or late arrival of the Exhibitor. IMMEXLS has final say on what is late. DON’T COME AFTER 10AM ON the start of the show(s) TO SET UP. AFTER 10AM YOU ARE LATE!

Exhibitor agrees that the venue of any litigation proceedings shall be in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in Sarasota County, Florida.