Top Eco-Friendly Medical Products – Because The Health of the Earth Matters too!

With the growing concerns regarding global warming and other environmental issues, it has become imperative that every individual plays a part in the sustainability. On a larger scale, industries that tend to produce significant carbon footprint need to take measures to go green and reduce their environmental impact.

The health care sector, for the past few years, has been making increasing efforts to go eco-friendly. Many of the medical equipment manufacturers have opted to contribute to sustainability by incorporating innovative techniques in their processes to conserve energy and reduce waste.

We mention here some of the most interesting green medical products and initiatives in the market.

FLEXBUMIN Packaging, Baxter

Albumin, processed from human plasma, is a treatment for severely ill patients. It works by replacing the fluid that has been lost from the body and maintaining sufficient blood pressure and volume. The Albumin is typically contained in a glass bottle (Baxter’s BUMINATE) but the company has come up with a more flexible solution – FLEXBUMIN, which is the first albumin contained in a flexible and light plastic container called GALAXY.

This FLEXBUMIN container system is the first medical product to receive the label of Carbon Trust, which shows its environmental credentials. The carbon footprint of this container is 55-77% smaller than BUMINATE as it is less material-intensive.

Green Series Medical Exam Lights, Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn is one of the first medical equipment companies to partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR. The company continues to stay committed to serve the environment by producing energy-efficient products. One such example is the company’s Green Series Medical Exam Lights.

These energy-efficient lights (LEDs) replace halogen bulbs for examination as they provide brighter white lightning and do not require bulb replacement. These lights are fit for any health care environment and they come with lower ownership cost due to their energy efficiency.

Somatom Definition Flash CT Scanner, Siemens

Siemens has been a front runner in the field of medical imaging. Its Somatom Definition Flash CT Scanner is the proof of that. It is a dual-source CT that features two X-ray tubes simultaneously revolving around the patient’s body. The radiation dose in this case is only a fraction of what previous systems needed to scan the anatomical details.

It consumes 45% lesser energy than its predecessor, the Somatom Definition, during a thorax examination. For a cardiac examination, the energy-saving goes up to 85%.

MammoDiagnost DR, Philips

Radiography has evolved quite a lot in the past decade. It has gone from analogue to digital. The MammoDiagnost DR (digital radiography) system by Philips works exceptionally well when it comes to high-volume screening. The workflow challenges of health care centers and hospitals are now efficiently met and mobile screening programs in rural communities have also been made more efficient.

The MammoDiagnost DR contributes to the environment because it consumes little energy. There is absolutely no silver pollution of wastewater and no utilization of harmful chemicals for film processing.

Eco-friendly medical products help in energy and cost saving and also ensure a healthier environment where patients and operators are safe from the hazards of chemicals.