IMMEXLS Virtual Booth

Can’t send someone to our Expo?

Here is the solution.

You can still make all the right connections, acquire leads, and have a professional booth to network with important buyers.

If you and/or your people can’t physically attend the Expo, then you can have the next best thing—a virtual booth at Immex-LS.

Our Virtual Booth ($3,200 for the booth and $700 for a booth staffer) consists of the following:

A. You will receive a full 10’x10’ pipe and draped booth with an 8’ draped table, a standard booth sign, and your name in the show directory.

B. We will supply you with a professional booth staffer from a reputable company to staff your booth for the duration of the Expo. That person will be instructed to solicit business cards from as many attendees/buyers as possible, and he or she will even pass out literature to as many attendees/buyers as possible. Give us a short script of what you would like the booth professional to say, and we will go over it for at least fifteen minutes with your representative so he or she knows what to say to potential buyers of your product/service, at least just enough to get business cards from the attendees/buyers and gauge their interest on a scale from one to ten. The staffer will be instructed to mark each business card with a number from one to ten to indicate if the attendee/buyer is interested in what you have to offer.

C. An Immex-LS staff member will take pictures and/or video of the booth staffer doing what he or she was instructed to do in your booth while representing your company. Immex-LS will send the pictures/video to you for verification.

D. Send your literature to our executive office, and we will bring the literature to the Expo and display it on your table. Spare literature will be stored under your table. Each day one of our staff members will make sure your literature is on the table and that a booth staffer is actively distributing it.

E. One of our Immex-LS staff members will place a business card drop box, supplied by Immex-LS, on your table. The booth staffer will put all of the acquired business cards into that box. Our staff member will gather the cards, and we will make sure they are sent to you. We will send the collected business cards to you within 2 weeks from the close of the Expo by UPS, or regular mail. You will still receive the full attendee list; however, sometimes business cards have additional information on them.

F. You will receive the complete attendee/buyer list within seven to ten business days after the Expo.

G. You will receive a quarter-page ad in the show directory, which will be distributed to all of the attendees and exhibitors.

H. If you want freight delivered to your booth, you can make separate arrangements with the show decorator to receive your merchandise, set it up at your booth/table, dismantle your products, and ship them back to you.

I. The show staffer assigned to your booth will either send your literature back to you or dispose of it, depending on what remains after the Expo and your directions.

Now you can be a part of the Expo even if you can’t physically attend.
Acquire new leads. Network with buyers at Immex-LS and leave a lasting impression!

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